If you are looking to invest in high-quality undervalued sustainable stocks, Etsy ETSY, BorgWarner BWA, SiriusXM Holdings SIRI, Aptiv PLC APTV, and Charter Communications CHTR might be worth further research. These companies not only have low ESG risk scores, indicating that the companies are exposed to fewer environmental, social, and governance risks, but they are also trading at a price 50% lower than their fair values, according to Morningstar.

In addition, all five have been assigned a Morningstar Economic Moat Rating of wide or narrow by the analyst covering the stock, meaning that the company has a competitive advantage. Morningstar considers a company to have a wide moat if it expects a company’s competitive advantage to last more than 20 years. It deems a company to have a narrow moat if it believes the company can fend off rivals for 10 years. Undervalued stocks with moats…

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