NCAA March Madness 2023: How to watch the Kansas vs. Arkansas game tonight

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March Madness season is here. With 68 teams playing in 67 live games across the country, from Houston, Texas to New York City, there’s a lot of action to follow over the next month, including today’s Round of 32 game: Arkansas Razorbacks vs. Kansas Jayhawks.  

If you’re looking to tune in on time for tip off, here’s what you need to know: Tonight’s game starts at 5:15 p.m. over on CBS, and the best way to watch if you haven’t got an old school cable package is with Paramount+. 

Best way to watch today’s game: 

Paramount+ Premium, $10 per month

Affordable way to watch most March Madness games: 

Sling TV Orange & Blue, $30 (reduced from $60) for your first month

Package with every March Madness game: 

DirecTV Stream “Ultimate” tier, $110 and up per…

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