“Be it in the era of LP (long playing phonograph) records, then Binaca Geetmala (popular radio countdown), audio cassettes, CDs, or now streaming platforms, this has been the top performing song for the company,” says Vikram Mehra, managing director of Saregama.

From Mehra’s succinct quote, we get to learn how far this music company has traversed through various formats since its first recording in 1901. We also learn that some things don’t change. Like Lag Ja Gale, which continues to enthrall Gen Z, millennials and their parents and grandparents alike. The medium to listen to the song may differ, but Saregama has hit the jackpot with its repository of music built over a century. As have several other filmmakers, studios and music labels who are monetizing their intellectual property (IP) in the digital age.

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