Kremlin’s FSB Has Thoroughly Penetrated Russian Opposition Movement – OpEd – Eurasia Review

Mikhail Sokolov, a former senior activist in the Navalny movement who now lives in the Netherlands, says that he served as a secret informant to the FSB while working with Navalny and that the Russian intelligence agencies have thoroughly penetrated the Russian opposition.

According to Sokolov, the FSB has “’a multitude’” of people working for it in the Navalny organization and other opposition groups. As far as Navalny’s people are concerned, he says he believes that there is “one agent of the FSB for every Navalny staff (

He and the others were charged with letting the Russian agencies know where and when Navalny activists planned demonstrations, even if they were actions by single figures. Armed with this information, the FSB could sometimes intimidate people into not taking part or be ready to arrest those who…

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