Perfect for kitchen worktop: This 32-inch Smart TV is discounted to $90

Best Buy

TV deals usually focus on high-end models but what if you just want something super cheap yet functional? That’s the thinking behind the deal at Best Buy today where you can buy an Insignia 32-inch F20 HD TV for just $90 instead of $130. Sure, it’s just a basic HD TV, and not even full HD, but it’s perfect for placing in your kitchen so you can be entertained by something while you cook or clean. It’s a smart TV so you don’t need to add anything to it. Here’s what else you need to know before you consider buying.

Why you should buy the Insignia 32-inch F20 TV

Insignia doesn’t feature on our look at the best TV brands but that’s mostly because it’s a Best Buy only brand. Insignia TVs tend to focus on value rather than cutting-edge technology which is certainly the case with the Insignia 32-inch F20 HD TV. It won’t rival the best TVs by any means…

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