The Late Late limps on, a family hound no one can bear to put to sleep – The Irish Times

The hyperbole flowed like warm cava in the Late Late Show Green Room when Ryan Tubridy announced on Thursday morning that he would be stepping down as host. If you happened to flick the radio on mid-interview, you might have thought you were listening to a Southern Baptist pastor rather than a guy off the telly.

“It was glorious. It was glorious. Like, that Toy Show is magic. There’s magic in the air… it’s beautiful,” an understandably emotional Tubridy said. “When you’re the Late Late Show presenter, you belong to a lot of people.”

RTÉ director general Dee Forbes was also reaching for quasi-transcendent metaphors on the News at One. “He touches the national psyche every Friday night,” she told Bryan Dobson. “He has made The Late Late that place where the nation comes together on a Friday night to reflect.”

The question for RTÉ to consider now is whether we…

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