IPTV, cable or satellite TV: which is the best option?

If you are thinking of purchasing a subscription TV plan, at some point you will come across an important question: IPTV, tv out or TV by satellite, which is the best option? Thinking about helping you make the best decision, Oficina da Net put together this article presenting the main advantages, disadvantages and differences of each type of technology.

What is Cable TV?

Cable TV is the most traditional method, with the distribution of the signal being carried out by cables

Before talking about which service is most interesting for you to use, let’s understand what cable TV is. As the name says, this type of service uses cables to transmit the television signal to each of its users. Of course, at the company’s headquarters, the television signal comes via satellite and is then distributed through cables to the homes of its subscribers.

The image quality is practically the same as…

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