How to get better UK satellite TV reception in France

We have received many reports about problems in France with the reception of satellite TV over the UK’s Freesat network. 

This is linked to an accelerating switchover to high-definition (HD) broadcasts from standard definition (SD) technology.

HD allows for crisper images but older Freesat and Sky receiver boxes are SD-only. 

It means viewers need to change their receiver box or re-tune. Some might also need a bigger dish.

TV over the internet is another alternative.

Most SD services will go

The BBC recently closed almost all of its SD services. Both it and ITV say the last SD channels will be turned off from the end of March 2024. Channel 4 is also moving towards mostly HD.

For some readers, changing to an HD box solved the issue. Many mentioned a Man­hattan Freesat receiver, which is available for around £70.

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