Autumn Adventures: Your Roadmap for a Fall Road Trip

It’s a beautiful time of year to take the scenic route to your destination.

As the heat of summer begins to abate, thoughts turn to a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park to see the aspen leaves begin to turn and “quake,” a visit to the old alma mater, or maybe tying in a side trip with an upcoming business trip. Depending on the distance between home and the chosen destination, flying or taking a train might be an option. But if the schedule allows, a road trip adds the allure of seeing the sights along the way up close and personal instead of as a passing blur.

Planning the Route

A good place to start is with a large, old-school road map spread out on a table to consider where to go and how to get there. Avoiding the interstates in favor of two-lane highways, also known as “blue highways,” makes the trip take longer but provides a view of small-town America that most never see. For…

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