A new high!Headquarters’ 2023 Spring Festival Gala reached 11 billion people in all media, which sparked a wave of attention at home and abroad_Hangzhou Net

A new high!Headquarters’ 2023 Spring Festival Gala will reach 11 billion people in all media

China Central Radio and Television’s “2023 Spring Festival Gala” presented a prosperous cultural feast to Chinese people all over the world with heart-warming boutique programs, technological innovations full of highlights, and beautiful dance effects. As of 2:00 on January 22, the Spring Festival Gala has reached a total of 11.011 billion person-times, of which young users aged 15 to 44 accounted for 50.51%. The scale of live broadcast of new media and the volume of overseas communication have both reached record highs.

consecutive record

Converged communication achieves the best results

The main station fully expands the advantages of all-media and multi-platform integrated communication, and continues to refresh the cross-media communication record of the Spring Festival Gala. On the…

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