Wyoming’s ‘Cowboy Catholic’ could remake government if Trump wins

When Kevin Roberts took over as president of tiny Wyoming Catholic College in 2013, few people outside of its Lander base even knew the school existed. But in just three years, the media-savvy Roberts managed to put the conservative campus in the national spotlight by embracing the term “Cowboy Catholics” and by refusing to accept federal grants and student loans that he felt would compromise the school’s independence and religious freedom.

“I fully expected Kevin to be the next senator from Texas or something,” said Glenn Arbery, who became the college’s president after Roberts’ departure in 2016. “The man has an energy and a brilliance about what he wants to do politically. That was just evident. He was too big for our little college for sure.”   

Still, few could have imagined that only six years after he left town, Roberts would be the 

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