US supply chain congestion eases, carriers seek cargo

A very visible indicator, the green vessel icons – signifying cargo carrying vessels – at anchorages around US ports, on MarineTraffic and other ship tracking websites, are in the case of a few East Coast ports, less concentrated.

On the West Coast, congestion levels have crept up slightly- after major reductions of late 2022. A central question facing the liner sector, along with dry bulk, and tankers, as well, though to a lesser extent, concerns China; what will happen as activity resumes after the pause as Lunar New Year is celebrated? For shipping lines serving the US, uncertainty about a possible recession is also clouding the carriers’ economic radar.

Windward AI, whose offerings include data on bottlenecks at ports, said, in an early January Port Insights report, that: “Savannah, Ga  decreased its…

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