Silica mining permit issued without environmental review

Poisonous sand blowing in the wind.

Wells running dry.

A dark night sky ruined by constant lights.

These are the things residents in Ste Genevieve County are worried about as they work to prevent a silica sand mine from moving into their community.

NexGen Mining Inc. plans to mine silica sand, commonly used for fracking, in southeast Missouri once it obtains all of its permits. It was already granted one from the state and needs two more.

The site is just two miles from Hawn State Park and across from some residents’ homes. Jillian Ditch Anslow, a high school biology teacher, is worried about the health consequences from the mine.

“This type of mine doesn’t affect just the land that’s being mined…it affects everybody in the whole county and surrounding areas,” she said. “It affects our water, our air, my child’s development.”

Inhaling silica dust can result…

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