School Board Bans ‘Addams Family’ Musical Over ‘Dark’ Themes

The board of Northern Lebanon School District in Pennsylvania has reportedly voted not to allow performances of The Addams Family musical in 2024, with critics arguing its themes are inappropriate for a school setting.

Board members made the decision on Tuesday night by a margin of seven votes against two, following 30 minutes of debate, reported Pennsylvania public radio station WITF. Robb Faller and Michelle Bucks were the only members who voted for the proposed performances to go ahead. Board members opposed to the play taking place pointed to its violent content, along with scenes of self-harm and children smoking.

Clashes over art in academia have caused heated political debates across the United States, with both conservatives and liberals arguing their opponents are undermining free expression with censorship.

The Adams Family being performed in 2010
Actors Nathan Lane and Bebe Neuwirth join the cast of “The Adams…

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