Online presentations address all of the following general speech purposes except

  1. Differentiate among the three types of general speech purposes.
  2. Examine the basics of informative speech topics and some common forms of informative speeches.
  3. Examine the basics of persuasive speech topics and some common forms of persuasive speeches.
  4. Examine the basics of entertaining speech topics and some common forms of entertaining speeches.

What do you think of when you hear the word “purpose”? Technically speaking, a purpose can be defined as why something exists, how we use an object, or why we make something. For the purposes of public speaking, all three can be applicable. For example, when we talk about a speech’s purpose, we can question why a specific speech was given; we can question how we are supposed to use the information within a speech; and we can question why we are personally creating a speech. For this specific chapter, we are more interested in that…

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