Leslie Herod sought job for endorsement in mayor’s race

State Rep. Leslie Herod sought a promise that she would have an important job in Kelly Brough’s mayoral administration when the two were discussing the possibility of Herod endorsing Brough in the runoff race for Denver mayor, according to Brough and a third person involved in the discussion.

“She wanted a guarantee of a position and one of importance,” Brough said.

Herod, the fifth-place finisher in the first round of the mayor’s race, says the claim is “absolutely not true.” She also said she has no such agreement in place with candidate Mike Johnston whom she endorsed on April 24.

Jordan Fuja, spokesperson for the Johnston campaign, said there is no promise that Herod nor anyone else endorsing Johnston will be offered a job at city hall should he be elected.

Asked how he intended to staff a possible administration at a forum at The Denver Press Club on Thursday…

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