Eating the Past: Indiana Mitchell Persimmon Festival

Hello, this is Tammy Proctor, and as we wind down our tribute to food in
these United States, it is time for Indiana’s famous Persimmon Festival.

Next weekend, people will flock to the small town of Mitchell just south
of Bloomington for this event. I first encountered the town years ago
while visiting the working grist mill and historic village at Spring Mill
State Park, just outside of Mitchell.

The area is wooded and lush, and one crop it is known for is persimmons.
These are wild North American persimmons, so don’t be fooled by the Asian
varietals you see in stores.

The Asian versions are harder, shaped a bit more like a tomato and taste
different. Indiana persimmons look like a peach/orange colored plum and
when ripe, they are extremely juicy and sweet.

Persimmons have long been a staple food for humans and animals in the
eastern United States and…

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