When PM Modi Got Angry For The First Time On ‘Mann Ki Baat’, President Obama’s Appearance, Future Of Public Broadcasting And More

Sharan: Tell us about your book and the reasons behind authoring it.

Shashi: If you look at the entire gamut of work within ‘Mann Ki Baat’ that the Honorable Prime Minister has been broadcasting now for more than nine years, what you will see is that he’s touched upon a number of themes.

In fact, I have a spreadsheet that I use while analysing the transcripts of ‘Mann Ki Baat‘ as part of the research for this book and I ran out of tabs because I probably never had a spreadsheet which had you know 25, 26 tabs open. So that is the breadth of what he was doing within Mann Ki Baat.

More interestingly within each theme, he’s touched upon on so many individuals, so many organisations.

So, that gives you a sense of the length and breadth of Mann Ki Baat and what this book has tried to do is bring out that essence, bring out those stories, those life journeys and it is in a sense a…

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