Source: Prime Minister of Australia

It is a true honour and pleasure to come here as Prime Minister and congratulate you on your 90th anniversary.

Through nine decades, the ABC has brought us closer together as a nation.

You’ve added to our identity. You’ve added to our voice.

You’ve brought us laughter and tears.

You’ve exposed hard truths and celebrated triumphs.

You’ve brought sunshine into dark corners.

You’ve sought out the bright moments in order to share the light.

As one of the mainstays of Australian life, the ABC has woven so many great strands into the fabric of our nation.

And no one should ever diminish the sheer scale of your achievement in cementing a pair of talking bananas in our national consciousness.

Trust and truth

As the ABC has added to Australia’s collective voice, you’ve done it in part with voices we knew instinctively we could trust. …

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