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This site contains links to specialised global media and communication information courtesy of NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association (NEXUS-IBA), a non-profit organisation. We assist any NGO, organisation, station and individual program producer in broadcasting their audio or video content material or their programme worldwide on Shortwave, Satellite & TV, AM/Medium Wave and audio/video streaming on the Internet.

NEXUS-IBA International Broadcasting on Shortwave
World Radio reaches anywhere.

How can I broadcast a radio or TV program worldwide?

If you are a small radio program producer, please check out our special promotions.

If you are a Christian program producer, please check European Gospel Radio for information dedicated to religious broadcasters and how NEXUS-IBA can help your mission in reaching millions of listeners worldwide in Africa, Asia/Pacific, the Middle East and Europe.

Via NEXUS-IBA’s powerful transmitters, any organisation or individual can broadcast their informative, entertaining, political, or religious programs to any target and language worldwide. In addition, we offer free consulting and advice to help you select the best global media delivery channel to reach your intended audience worldwide.

Since 1979, NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association has been promoting free speech and freedom of information, including non-denominational Christian radio outreach to any religious organisation worldwide, on all global media channels.

All programs originating from our stations are aired daily, unabridged and worldwide on behalf of our program producers and on streaming in English and other regional languages.

International Broadcasting to war zones

Daily from 7 PM to 11 PM, we also broadcast balanced news and information to Europe on AM/Medium Wave radio. In addition, we currently provide humanitarian radio broadcasts to the conflict zones in and around Ukraine. We also have powerful radio transmitters for International Radio for Disaster Relief (IRDR) that can be used worldwide in an emergency, natural disaster or calamity to reach displaced persons.

Support NEXUS-IBA projects in international broadcasting

You may learn how to contribute to NEXUS-IBA projects on the NEXUS-IBA website.

You may support our work and donate in any currency using PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account; you may donate with your credit or debit card. We do not store information on your credit card when using PayPal:

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