History of Radio Part One – Sheridan Media

(This will be a two part story as there is a lot of historic information.)

Radio has been a part of most people’s lives for a long time. We have radios in our cars, sometimes in our homes, although today radio has to compete with television, smart phones and computers.

However, before all these more modern forms of communication, it was radio.

Next year Sheridan’s KWYO Radio turns 90 years old. According to an internet Wikipedia article, was Sheridan’ first radio station, signing on the air in 1934, and the second radio station in Wyoming, after KTWO in Casper, which signed on the air in 1930.

In many parts of rural Wyoming, including Northeast Sheridan County, many ranchers did not receive electric service until late in the 1960s, sometimes the early 1970s. Television was something one watched when they went to town, but nearly everyone had a battery operated…

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