Short years from studying to covering the biggest news story on the planet

Ask a broadcasting student to share their wildest dream – they’re likely to say, ‘to be a foreign correspondent’.

Such opportunities are rare on the New Zealand media landscape – but three recent Ara-Te PÅ«kenga New Zealand Broadcasting School (NZBS) graduates can not only claim that title, but can list covering one of the world’s biggest news events on their CV too.

When news broke of the Queen’s death, the roles of Europe correspondent for TVNZ’s One News and TV3’s Newshub, as well as TV3’s New York correspondent were filled by Ara – Te Pukenga alumni.

TVNZ’s Mei Heron, a 2013 graduate in Broadcasting Communications in Journalism, landed the One News correspondent role only days before news of the Queen’s death. Heron had been taking over the reins from another NZBS graduate, Daniel Faitaua. Melissa Stokes and Joy Reid, also both former TVNZ Europe…

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