Peter Kosminsky Talks ‘The Undeclared War’ And The Ongoing Threat To UK Broadcasters BBC And Channel 4

“How do you tell a story? You have a good script, and you ensure that you get some fantastic actors who will engage the audience and will stay with the story as it unfolds and care about the characters,” enthused revered British director and writer Peter Kosminsky as we discussed The Undeclared War. “I’m fanatically thorough about casting.”

The intricately researched six-part cyber-thriller, streaming on Peacock, is set in 2024. It follows a leading team of analysts in Britain’s GCHQ who are frantically working to thwart an online attack on the UK’s electoral system. The cast, led by Simon Pegg and newcomer Hannah Khalique-Brown, also reunites Kosminsky with legendary actor, Mark Rylance.

I spoke with Kosminsky to discuss the cast, the attacks…

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      The Undeclared War has had some unjustifiably mixed reviews, but it is both realistic and outstanding plot-wise but do remember cyber-warfare is not that charismatic. If you think it impossible for a teenage student to decrypt code quicker than an alleged expert cryptographer you have obviously never been in the real world of espionage and encryption. We binged all six episodes of Season 1 and if you are into and understand espionage it’s compelling watching so whatever you do don’t miss Peter Kosminsky’s Undeclared War series on TV. If you loved Bill Fairclough’s fact based epic spy novel Beyond Enkription in The Burlington Files series you’ll love The Undeclared War and vice versa. They are both curious, intense, realistic and nerve racking espionage thrillers although Beyond Enkription is comparatively action packed. In The Burlington Files the protagonist Edward Burlington has even been likened to a posh Harry Palmer (aka Michael Caine) although the main difference between them was that Bill Fairclough (codename JJ) aka Edward Burlington was for real.

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