Comings and goings: NPR shuffles correspondents, CRB Classical hires and promotes staffers …


NPR’s Frank Langfitt is leaving his London-based reporting position to become a Global Democracy correspondent, working with the network’s Investigations team in Washington, D.C. Meanwhile, Lauren Frayer will become London correspondent and leave her position in Mumbai, which she has covered for five years.


Didrik Schanche, chief international editor, and Bob Little, senior investigations editor, announced the changes in a staff memo posted Tuesday on NPR’s website.

Langfitt has reported from London for seven years. Before that, he reported for NPR from other countries for five years. 

Frayer reported from Madrid before her move to Mumbai. She has also reported from Seoul, Islamabad and Jerusalem.

CRB Classical, a music station owned by GBH in Boston, announced several staff changes.

Brian McCreath, director of production, became a…

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