Many computer users find themselves wondering at some point if an HDTV might be a good alternative to a PC display. Their huge screens and thin bezels make them look very much like a monitor, and most modern PCs now can output video via HDMI, making connection a cinch. Starring up at a row of huge displays that make a measly 22 inch monitor look insignificant is likely to inspire a question: “Why not?”

There were many retorts to that question several years ago, but improved video card drivers and lower HDTV prices have shunted many of those to the side. If you want to use a television as a secondary display, or alongside a home theater PC, go for it – after you’ve read our buying guide.

What you need to know

There’s a huge list of traits to consider when looking at an HDTV. Some buyers might prefer the deep blacks of plasmas, while others might like the brightness of…

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