British Broadcasters Team for Live TV Over Broadband Service Freely – Variety

Britain’s public service broadcasters (PSBs) are developing a new free TV service that will deliver live TV over broadband.

Set for launch in 2024, the service, called Freely, will allow viewers to browse and watch live TV channels together with on-demand content streamed to their smart TV via the internet. Freely will be built-in to the next generation of smart TVs and feature a lineup of public service broadcaster content and other free-to-air channels. It will replicate the terrestrial TV experience, building on the heritage and popularity of the Freeview TV platform, currently used in 16 million homes.

The initiative is being developed by Everyone TV, the organization which runs free TV in the U.K. and is jointly owned by the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

Jonathan Thompson, CEO, Everyone TV, said: “This new…

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