BBC Radio host, DJ & author Gemma Cairney avoids identy labeling on “Brits In The Big Apple”

Gemma Cairney is an award-winning broadcaster and author who is passionate about empowering young women.


In her interview with Hannah Young, Cairney discusses her childhood, education, and identity, as well as how she is proudly Jamacan, Scottish, and British, and how she avoids being labeled.


Cairney explains how she did not believe it was possible to achieve the things that she has done in her career.


She dives into her new book, The Immortal Sisterhood, which looks at some of the lives of extraordinary women, including Nanny of the Maroons, Jeanne Duval, Poly Styrene, Maya Angelou, Wang Zhenyi, Audre Lorde, Lizzy Mercier Descloux, Betty Davis, and is slated to come out February 4th.

About Gemma Cairney 


After attending The Brit School and a brief stint in fashion during her early 20s, Gemma’s unique, infectious broadcasting style was swiftly spotted by the BBC. She…

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