Joe Biden Breaks Public Support for ‘Skilled’ Migration

Voter support for the legal inflow of white-collar, college-graduate migrants has plunged amid President Joe Biden’s mass inflow of more than seven million southern migrants, according to a survey by the Associated Press.

The growing opposition is likely caused by Biden’s accelerating inflow of foreign visa workers for the professional careers sought by millions of Democrat-leaning, white-collar college graduates. For example, the Indian outsourcing firm, Tate Consulting Services, is being sued for firing Americans to help transfer U.S. jobs to cheaper and subordinate Indian migrants, according to a lawsuit described in the March 29 Wall Street Journal.

The huge legal inflow of white-collar migrants into U.S. jobs via the nation’s airports gets little press, partly because progressives, lobbyists, and establishment media outlets prefer to focus Americans’ attention on…

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