Supporting news and information in Ukraine

The ongoing war has caused significant problems for telecommunications in Ukraine, making it increasingly difficult for residents to access accurate and unbiased news. In response to these challenges, NEXUS-IBA is working to increase its international radio coverage of Ukraine and other conflict zones worldwide on 1323 kHz Medium Wave and 7290 and 9510 kHz on Shortwave.

As the situation in Ukraine becomes direr, NEXUS-IBA has extended its news coverage of the invasion and occupation of parts of the country. This includes adding extra hours to broadcast high-power signals to areas affected by the conflict to inform as many people as possible.

The war has also severely impacted media inside Ukraine and Russia, with information being censored or limited by damages to the telecom, press and radio & TV infrastructures. For example, foreign media outlets such as the BBC, CNN, and YouTube have been blocked in Russia. In addition, there are limits to the Russian public accessing social media and information outside Russia.

NEXUS-IBA is asking for support in the form of donations to help fund its international broadcasting services and programming. These funds will go directly towards increasing the power of their transmitter to enlarge their day and nighttime coverage of conflict zones and the length of their current broadcast.

Your donation will also help provide airtime to those with a message but no financial resources to cover the cost of airtime in reaching their target audience with news, feature programs, and inspirational messages.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to support news organizations that offer balanced coverage of conflicts in regions like Ukraine. By donating to NEXUS-IBA, you can help provide unbiased news and information for those who need it most.

How to donate to outreach Ukraine?

Donations of any size, large or small, are welcome and will help NEXUS-IBA keep its international radio broadcasting project alive and sustainable. If you cannot contribute financially, NEXUS-IBA welcomes emails, comments and reception reports.

NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association is a non profit organization that owns and operates international radio broadcasting services that broadcasts news, feature programs, and inspirational Christian programs to conflict zones. To continue its mission of providing news and information to those who may otherwise not have access to it, NEXUS-IBA is asking for financial support from individuals, foundations and corporations. Your donation will help increase the power of their transmitter and allow them to provide airtime to individuals with important messages but no means to cover the cost of airing their program. Any size donation is welcome; if you cannot contribute financially, please let us know how we can improve our service by sending comments or reception reports through our website.

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