Radio Warrington waves goodbye to medium wave

FOLLOWING a successful move to broadcasting its programmes on DAB, Radio Warrington has decided to switch off its 1332AM medium wave transmissions.

Operating as the town’s only dedicated Ofcom-licenced community radio station since 2014, the move follows a nationwide trend for radio stations to focus on more accessible digital broadcast mediums.

Station manager Steve Lewis said: “After going online to provide a community radio service exclusively for Warrington in 2007, we sought an FM licence to better serve the people of the town. “However, as there was no room on the FM band, we were instead offered the 1332AM medium wave frequency in 2014. Although not ideal due its mono rather than stereo broadcasts, we accepted.
“Since then, the advent of Smart Speakers and Phone Apps has changed the way people listen to radio. Most new cars aren’t even fitted with AM…

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