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Russia Spending 2.5 Billion US Dollars A Year On Orthodox Church Construction – OpEd

The ROC MP has been anything but forthcoming about how much it is spending and where the money is coming from, but Lyudmila Butuzova of Novyye izvestiya says that church affairs experts have been able to come up with that figure on the basis of the prices the Patriarchate gave for churches in 2010.

AMS Angkor 2019 To Gather Media Pro...

AKP Phnom Penh, May 29, 2019 -- Media practitioners in Asia and other parts of the world will gather in the 16th Asia Media Summit 2019 (AMS Angkor 2019) to be hosted by Cambodia in mid-June to exchange their ideas on the future of broadcasting industry amid the fourth industrial revolution.

Srbenka by N. Slijepčević to Become First Croatian Documentary on HBO

After several recent success stories by some Croatian movies and TV shows on the various international broadcasting platforms, that we've already extensively written about (such as and others), more good news coming from one of those platforms: Srbenka, a documentary by Nebojša Slijepčević is going....

How much Leicester City receive as Premier League release details of 2018-19 payments

The Premier League have announced how much money each side has received from broadcast and commercial revenues this season, with Leicester City taking home just over £123 million. That's £5m more than Leicester received for their ninth-placed finish last season.

The Red Cross teams up with local amateur radio operators

The Red Cross says that during a disaster, they actually seek help of radio operators, to help as many people as possible. The Red Cross says with start of hurricane season on June first, they're partnering with the amateur radio relay league and the Nittany Amateur Radio Club.

Amatuer radio operators prep for emergencies

Thursday morning local amateur radio operators talked to people on radios in New Hampshire, Maryland, North Carolina and in other states. They say they did this to help them prepare for emergencies. Mike Coslo is the President of the Nittany Amateur Radio Club in State College.

How much Premier League prize money Wolves, Liverpool, Manchester United & the rest have earned

Wolverhampton Wanderers have received more than £127m in Premier League prize money. Nuno Espirito Santo's side finished in seventh position in the table, their highest Premier League finish and Wolves will also earn the most money outside of the 'big six'.

Revealed: How much Newcastle banked from 2018-19 Premier League payments

Newcastle United have banked just over £120million in Premier League payments for the 2018/19 season. earned just under £35million of the equal share pot on offer from the top flight while finishing 13th helped bank around £15.3million. It means the 4-0 win over Fulham on the final day of the season....

From cardboard factory to the kantei ? Yoshihide Suga gets PR makeover as rumors of PM bid soar

A photo of Suga relishing a snack of pancakes — a favorite of his — recently re-emerged online after his announcement of Japan’s new imperial era name, Reiwa (beautiful harmony), on April 1, prompting many to characterize his sweet tooth as a “cute” side of his persona.

Audit: US Broadcasting to Cuba Rife With Bad Journalism, Ineffective Propaganda

By Brian Padden May 21, 2019. The U.S. government service charged with delivering objective news into Cuba produces both "bad journalism" and "ineffective propaganda," according to an independent audit released Tuesday. The U.S. Agency for Global Media (USAGM), which oversees taxpayer-funded....

Yekaterinburg Events Seen Costing ROC MP Members, Sparking Demand For ‘A Different Christianity’ – OpEd

That has been widely recognized (e.g., ). But the consequences for religious life – and thus, in the Russian context, politics as well, may be far more significant than that. The ROC MP claims 80 percent of Russians are Orthodox, but only three percent are active in the church.

Audit: US Broadcasting to Cuba Rife With Bad Journalism, Ineffective Propaganda

released Tuesday. The U.S. Agency for Global Media (USAGM), which oversees taxpayer-funded international broadcasting, ordered the audit of the Office of Cuban Broadcasting (OCB) in February in response to broadcasts last year that contained anti-Semitic remarks about billionaire philanthropist George Soros.

Global Media Forum 2019 +90 – Connect to an independent agenda In a unique collaboration of four international broadcasters, BBC, DW, France24 and VOA have launched a Turkish-language YouTube channel in Istanbul on April 29, 2019.

The objective of the channel is to provide independent and trusted information, respecting freedom of speech and fostering the expression of different views. The diverse programming of +90 is aimed at Turkish-speaking users living in Turkey and abroad, who are interested in international politics, business, social issues, science and culture.

Compensation Recommendation under the CG Code for PLCs

Recommendation 2.5 of the CG Code for Publicly-Listed Companies (PLCs) covers the issue of proper remuneration for the Board, thus: Recommendation 2.5. The Board should align the remuneration of key officers and board members with the long-term interests of the company.

'We should get the hell out of here': Ex-diplomat recalls mission to rescue students in Chornobyl disaster

In the spring of 1986, Hector Cowan, a 38-year-old diplomat at the Canadian embassy in Moscow, got a first clue about the Chornobyl nuclear accident while at the breakfast table, with his wife, Hilda, and three young children. He was listening to the BBC news on a shortwave radio.

From cardboard factory to the kantei ? Abe No. 2 gets PR makeover as rumors of PM bid soar

A photo of Suga relishing a snack of pancakes — a favorite of his — recently re-emerged online after his announcement of Japan’s new imperial era name, Reiwa (beautiful harmony), on April 1, prompting many to characterize his sweet tooth as a “cute” side of his persona.

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The basic features of the traditional family, including generational and gender hierarchies, are falling apart, the Moscow scholar says. The clan is declining in importance; but “at the same time,” gender differences remain and young people affected by the spread of fundamentalist Islam often have more traditional views than their elders.

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On the one hand, many expect that the poll will be falsified so that the outcome the government and church want will be guaranteed. And on the other, the plans the city administration appears to be committed to may lead to an opposite outcome but one that won’t be accepted by proponents of the cathedral in the center of the city.

What Is Eurovision 2019? A Guide for Confused Americans

This weekend, a European phenomenon is back — though Americans may have to hunt for clips on YouTube or seek out a VPN and watch via another country’s home broadcaster. The Eurovision Song Contest, a cross between “The X Factor” and the Miss Universe pageant that offers Yanks a glimpse of what it’s....

PCB optimistic to convince England and Australia to tour Pakistan

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has scheduled a fresh round of talks with officials from Cricket Australia and England and Wales Cricket Board after the World Cup to discuss the resumption of international cricket in the country. The PCB is also set to officially discuss Sri Lanka’s and....

On a mission to bring Thaicom back to earth

While SET-listed Thaicom Plc, the nation's sole satellite service provider, has its present set in space, chief executive Anant Kaewruamvongs is looking to ground the "sunsetting" segment and diversify the company with new revenue-generating ventures. "The satellite business is not a basic telecom anymore," Mr Anant says.

Russian Law On Offending Believers Not As Disastrous As Many Feared – OpEd

Compiled by the Agora Human Rights organization, the 13-page report which the group entitles “Liberalization Russian-Style” ( ) reports that despite or perhaps because of the publicity surrounding the application of this law,....

Muslims Will Trigger Disintegration of New Russian Empire, Ukrainian Mufti Says – OpEd

“I hope the Museums will preserve their identity,” the Ukrainian mufti says. “This is a threat to Russia because I think that the disintegration of the new, contemporary ‘Russian Empire’ will begin precisely with the Muslim community.” Ramazan Alpaut of Radio Svoboda’s IdelReal portal appends....

Juicy details on Kate Bolduan's career and personal life

She is a lady to look up to as she juggles many different tasks in life. Having joined the industry while still young, she has had the chance to grow and become a better person in life. Summary profile Full name: Katherine Jean Bolduan; Age: 35 years; Date of birth: 28th July 1983; Birthplace:....

Building checked in threat response

Police in Northwest Arkansas responded to a bomb threat against a federal building Tuesday after a person heard the apparent threat while listening to his shortwave radio, officials said. Fayetteville police dispatch logs show that officers responded about 11:45 a.m. to the John Paul Hammerschmidt Federal Building at 35 E.

Judge Orders Florida-Based Broadcast Company To Register As Agent For Russia

WASHINGTON -- A U.S. judge has backed a Justice Department ruling that Florida-based RM Broadcasting must register as an agent of Russia under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), another move in the two countries’ dispute over foreign broadcast operations.

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